If You Are a Mom, You Should Vote

If You Are a Mom, You Should Vote

Listen up all of you who are the owners of uteruses (even if you haven’t used yours), we have a job to do that goes well beyond diapers and helping our kids with homework. We need to use our Mom voices (you know the one, where you address your child with their full name) and make them heard by the politicians.

This post is for Moms in America, and really everywhere, and the message is simple. “Vote: because you can!

In particular, women’s issues in any elections are important and we all need to know what they are. For instance:

Which candidate will ensure your girl child has the same rights as your boy? If they think women should be barefoot and pregnant and don’t belong in University or the workplace, write a big “L” on their forehead and move on.

Which elected person will steer the bus and keep it moving forward, and who will crash it into a fuel tanker and burn it all to the ground? I think we all know women are better drivers, so think about that.

Who will take away rights and freedoms of vulnerable women, or limit their ability to make decisions about their own bodies? If you don’t know which candidates stand where on these issues, don’t ask your pastor or your local white dude who runs the business association, they have agendas. Do the research yourself.

Who will pander to the extremists and get mowed down by special interest groups? Don’t know what I am talking about? Think Westboro Baptists and the NRA.

As a Mother, knowing the facts and voting accordingly should be all of our concern. We have 50% of the voice in society and this is how we can use it.

Your children should see you voting, your country needs you to vote, and if you have not been fooled by the bluster, your vote should count for something. Women for generations fought to have the right to tick the box for their preferred candidate, so it makes you kind of a jackass if you don’t use your voice and make a choice.

The whole circus is going to get louder leading up to the Presidential elections. Mothers of the US must step up with megaphones, armed with the facts, and vote like the powerhouses that we are.


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